About Us

Food Concept

Chew is an amalgamation of flavours from the Pan Pacific rim, it is a result of research on these cuisines existing, over a period of time, by the culinary experts, during their frequent trips to gather expertise and resources. It is a One stop destination for Asian food lovers featuring oriental flavors prepared by an innovative and talented culinary team  in a live and interactive environment.


The Dine-in Experience

Unlike your typical Asian diner, we set about designing an uber-hip space that features a fusion of various elements. Warm and inviting, the eye-catching black and white Aztec-patterned tiles have been carefully juxtaposed with Dholpur stone. While the furniture is a mix blend of booth sitting, swing seats and turquoise blue chairs that make the dining experience at Chew super comfortable and fun! Asian inspirations within the space consist of subtle nuances like the carefully hand-picked ceramic plates and posters that adorn the walls and the elongated spice rack that features spices from Asia!